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Nice !!

Great lookin' pelt. Will make a great hanger for the gunroom/greatroom/den.

When In Maine I killed a bunch of red fox. Didn't actively hunt them but they will respond to any call that you use for yotes or cats. Especially the dieing woodpecker series. Some of my shots would not exit given a COM hit. This from a 24",AR(.223)and a 52gr Sierra HPBT or a 50gr Berger.

Both the reds and the grays are easily killed. I had a friend that I hunted with ,that would use a bolt gun chambered in 22LR stoked with the fastest HP he could find(IIRC,CCI Stingers) That loading would never exit and pelt damage was minimal. Only problem would be his max effective range. In fact he killed bobcats with that same gun/load when hunting the cedar swamps over snow.

Now down in Fla. there are very few red fox and an abundance of grays. I have killed several while calling yotes. Down here no call for pelts so I use whatever weapon I feel like taking for the day. Last one I hit broadside with 21 out of 41,#4buck pellets outta my Benelli M1 Super 90 while calling yotes on the edge of a palmetto swamp. Especially at close range, you might as well dust 'em cuz when they make you, they start that loud squeelie barkin' yippin' and alert all yotes within a half mile or so.

With the price of pelts so darned low(especially the never REALLY primed ones down here)there is an over abundance of critter callin' targets. I have seen several bobcats on the hunting club while cruising around on my ATV. During those times I am only armed with a pistol and the cats do not give you enough time to even sling a shot at them. you know that gray foxes(unlike reds) will actively climb trees. They will go after a bird or squirrel nest in a heartbeat.

Good Huntin'/Shootin' -----pruhdlr
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