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m141A - The remote areas in northern and the western mountains of Maine are loaded with partridges - some years more than others. Most people "hunt" them by riding the roads and spotting them. If you're willing and able, you'll have good success by getting away from the roads. I don't hunt them anymore, but when I did I used a side by side 12 gauge with 7 1/2 high brass 2 3/4" shells. don't know what the chokes ever were. I had more kills w/ the smaller shot than I did w/ # 6's. You don't need a dog. The last few years I hunted them, I used a 22 w/ a peep sight, as I felt this made me a better all around rifle shot. Needless to say, it was not my policy to wait for the birds to fly before firing - anymore than I'd wait for a nice buck to start running before I commenced firing. Good luck
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