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Guide Gun: Ported vs Non-ported

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Does anyone here have actual experience comparing the Guide Gun in the ported vs non-ported configurations? I love my GG but those ports scare me for hunting use. My ears ring bad enough as it is without subjecting them to even a shot or two without hearing protection (I'll never even feel it in the heat of the hunt). I see guys displaying their machismo by walking around the range without ear plugs/muffs all the time. Most of them will be deaf at an early age...if not already. Hearing is one of those gifts that you don't really begin to appreciate until you start hearing crickets chirping in the winter, or have to keep saying "huh?" all the time. Loud music doesn't help either.

Anyway, to get back to the subject, do the ports really do that much for recoil reduction? Seems I recall someone around here having their barrel lopped off behind the ports at one time.
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I can't compare the ported with the non-ported models they make now. I don't even know if you can get the ported anymore (new).

I have fired my ported GG once in the woods without hearing protection. The load was a fast 300 gr bullet (ie Marlin load level). I have got to say that I did not even notice the blast, my ears didn't bleed or ring or any of that. My 1911 is much worse.

I will say that I am sure it did not do my ears any good I'm sure but then no shot does. A lot of what I have read posted on the 'net I believe came from people that had (a) never shot a GG, or (b) only shot it from the cozy confines of the bench under a metal roof at the range. Sean
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