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Date: 3/14/03 06:58:12 AM Central Standard Time
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News from the front:

1. FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT: Thanks to the hundreds of freedom loving Americans who journeyed to Springfield on Thursday to stand up for what is right. You are sterling examples of what molded our nation's greatness. You stood in stark contrast to the filthy scum in Springfield who seek to destroy our Constitution. You saw evil in action on Thursday. Through your strength, the righteous shall prevail.

2. YOU WERE BETRAYED: Despite thousands of phone calls of protest, SB1195 - the Daley Gun Ban and Confiscation Bill passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee by one vote. That vote was cast by Kirk Dillard - a former staunch pro-freedom senator. With that one thoughtless vote, Dillard may well have made felons out of several hundred thousand Illinois citizens. What sort of leverage did Daley use against Dillard? Is Dillard the next "Al Salvi?" There is a story behind this...and you're going to hear it.

3. NEW ANTI-BLAGODALEY CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED: With the help of some good friends, the ISRA has launched a new southern offensive against Blagojevich and his supporters. This early action is part of our strategy to achieve campaign overmatch in key central and southern legislative districts in the next two election cycles.

4. THE WEEKEND AHEAD: With this being St. Patrick's Day weekend, Daley and his pals will be busy singing, dancing and nursing hangovers. Meanwhile, we'll be formulating next week's battle plans in the war to salvage what little of your freedoms you have left. Stay tuned...more to come.

5. MANY THANKS: We'd like to acknowledge the support we received this week from the many friends who posted our alerts on Internet bulletin boards and web sites. We were very gratified to see support pour in from such diverse corners of America. The ISRA web site set new records for hits and bandwidth moved. Thanks! We hope that our friends will continue to post these updates to those bulletin boards for the next several weeks. We hope that we'll be chronicling your victory over the immoral Daley Gun Grabbing Machine rather than the defeat of that which made America great.


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