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I recently read through a thread on another site that addressed which gun-cleaning product was best. The responses recommended the usual products I was familiar with and in most instances had used. Sweets, JB, Hoppes 9 and Benchrest, Shooters Choice, Butch's Bore Shine, etc.. But one product that was highly recommended that I had not heard of was “Wipeout”. This is a foam product that promises to clean better and easier, spray it in, wait 10 minutes and one patch to clean out the residue.

Because there were so many positive recommendations in this thread, I called to order several cans and got to talk to the company owner. A gentleman that is more than a little excited about the product. He really was enthusiastic about it’s ease and quality of performance. While the product is directed at copper and fowling, the literature indicates “it will not dissolve lead, but it will degrade lead so that it can be pushed out with a patch”. The owner, Paul Cousa, indicated they also have a new product that does dissolve lead, but they haven’t found a good container for the product yet. It appears that most commercial cans sold for packaging products has a solder seal, kinda bad for lead dissolving products! So he’s looking for a plastic lined can.

I’ve just received the two cans I ordered and will test it within the next several days. Paul specifically asked that I test it on a barrel that I thought was clean. In that case, I’m to leave the gun overnight and the next morning the color, if any, on the patch will tell me what type of material was still present in the barrel.

The product web site is
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