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So, I've slipped over the precipice, going from Gun Enthusiast to Gun Nut (my definition mostly falls down to "gun enthusiasts need a reason to buy a guy, gun nuts need a reason *not* to buy a gun" :) ). When a trio of old llamas in what I presumed was .38 Super rolled into the shop, I couldn't stop myself from picking up all three, even though I wasn't really sure that they shoot .38 Super.
A little research later, and I *think* they're Model VII's, which means they shoot 9mm Largo or .38 ACP

But, I'm not 100% sure I've got them nailed down. Or, I'm hoping they really are chambered for .38 Super.

So, I'm hoping someone here is a collector of old Llamas and can help me more positively identify them. All three are identical in markings.

Along the left side of the slide, it says:
CAL. 9m/m 38 "LLAMA"

the right says:

My research lead me to a page that lists the different models, what they shot, how to identify them. But, it has the ever-so-helpful line:

Model VIII is chambered for the .38 Super. The gun had a grip safety. If you notice the magazine on these guns have a wide base. The base is below the frame. The early version looked exactly like the model VII and was also a Modelo Extra

Besides the markings, this gun looks no different from a standard 1911, other than the presence of a lanyard loop. It has a grip safety, no vented rib on top.

I'm reasonably sure it's either a Model VII or a Model VIII. Theoretically, firing 9mm Largo in it would be safe, as it's a lower pressure cartridge than a .38 Super, but would not cycle the slide well. Call me crazy, but I'm just not too keen on trial and error when it comes to setting off 25,000psi explosions with guns that may be older than my parents.
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