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1: Will the simple act of sliding a gun sock over a scoped rifle affect the zero of the scope?

2: Is the gun sock a good way to protect a rifle's finish and prevent corrsion?
No it hasn't effected my zero's yet! I have my rifle in sock in cabnets with and with out dryers and they are in a climate control room. They don't rust. They seem to absorb some of the gun oil after long term storage. I use the "socks" mostly to keep the guns from touching each other as they are packed fairly tight in some instances as gun safes are like tents and inflatable boats the sizes or amount they hold seem to be off a few? When you got accesories like scopes, slings, lights, etc... they don't fit like in the photos! So for number 2 its yes and no! They protect finish and in my case the don't cause rust! You need to prevent moisture at all costs! In my heated bedroom I have a couple in socks in or near the closet and they don't rust, but then again they are the back ups to the goto guns so they are socked mostly to protect from dents, dings, and scratches!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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