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H-110 or Lil-Gun with 400gr cast in 480 Ruger?

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I'm just starting to load my 7.5" SRH 480. Hopefully my primary bullet is going to be the 400 gr Lee.
For those loading 400s in the 480, what is your favorite powder, priimarily between H-110 & Lil-Gun?
I've used H-110 in the 44 mag for years, but can get a good deal on Lil-Gun (8# keg)right now. Accuracy is of course most important, then velocity, but I'm also interested in how the recoil "feels" (sharp slap vs big shove) as I'm starting to get arthritus in my shooting hand.
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When I had my .480 I used H110 because it was easy to get and did well with the 400 gr RCBS bullet that I cast. When things dried up, I bought a can of Lil' gun for my .454
I gave my son some loads that I had left, and He commented and said that they felt really light as compared to the JSP loads that we made for him. I suppose when I get the chance, I'll buy more H-110 because it's usable in most of my handguns.
Imo H110 is a great powder when using heavy for caliber bullets. The only problem I have had is complete combustion. In my 6" 454 it doesnt completly burn . Lil Gun and Accurat e# 9 seem to preform as well with out the unburned porwder issue if it is one.
H-110 burns and performs best with top end loads, no unburned powder in mine. If you want reduced loads there are better choices
OK, went & did a little (very little) testing today.
Temp was 25*, no wind. I was kneeling on both knees & using a sandbag rest under the frame. Pretty secure, but hands were a bit chilly. I didn't feel GREAT about my shooting, but felt that it was good enough to give me an idea of potential. I tried 4 different loads, 3 "performance" loads, & a plinking load.
I tried H-110 with both WW primers, & Fed LPM primers to see what the difference would be, & was an eye opener.
Bullet for all loads was 400gr Lee cast from WW & tumble lubed with Xlox.

20.0 gr Lil-Gun, WW primer, avg vel 1151, extreme spread 41fps. Accuracy potential good.

20.0 gr H-110, WW primer, avg vel 988, extreme spread 94fps. Accuracy potential poor.

20.0 gr H-110, Federal LP mag primer, avg vel 929, extreme spread 86fps. Accuracy potential good.

8.0 gr Unique, WW primer, avg vel 826, extreme spread 22fps. Accuracy potential good.

The surprise for me was that with H-110 the federal mag primer turned in lower velocity. Did have much better accuracy & slightly smaller extreme spread though.

As far as recoil, the Lil-Gun had slightly more felt recoil, but with an additional 163fps that is to be expected! Not as much recoil difference as I would expect considering the velocity gain. I'm sure if I got the H-110 up to 1150 the recoil would be at LEAST as stiff if not worse.
I would say that recoil with the Lil-Gun wasn't really any worse (didn't compare them side by side) than 320s out of my mod. 29 @ 1320fps.
I think I'll put my focus into the Lil-Gun for now. Seems to have the best potential.
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