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Chief RID - Here is a web site that I made when we formed the "Buffalo Classic Shooting Society"

You will find a link for NEF and H&R 1871.

The answer to your question is simply NO they will not interchange.

If you want extra barrels for your NEF Ultra Rifle you will have to use those provided for the Ultra Rifle by NEF.  Yes although they are the same company, but differant divisions.  Marlin does own the whole package but..... H&R 1871 is continuing to run things their at the plant.  If you still are not satisfied with my answer, call James Garrison (978) 632-9393 head CEO at H&R 1871 and maybe he can explain this better.  He is quite a nice guy to talk with.

I hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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