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H414 for .300 Win Mag?

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I have a Remington Model 700 BDL chambered in 300 win mag. I have been recently developing a load for it and I'm not satisfied with it. I am shooting a 165gr Nosler Partition with Federal 215 primer and RL-22. The RL-22 does not seem to be consistent with any of the free bores. At any temperature. I am looking into switching from RL-22 to H414 and am looking for some advice. Any suggestions?
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I wish I could swap my RL-22 for a supply of H414, as it never impressed me in the .243, or 7mm Magnum.

H414 is very similar to the 4350's and is a bit fast for the .300 Magnums. On the other hand, it turns in excellent accuracy with all sorts of large bottle neck cases. It gives up some velocity to more optimal slower propellants.

If you have a supply, give it a try. With mid weight bullets, it may be fine for meeting your accuracy goals with a small step down in speed. My best luck with H414/W760 has been with top end loads. If starting loads are a dog, don't give up until you hit max.
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