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H4227  v/ h110 and 2400

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Has anyone any experience with H4227 as compared to H110 and A2400? I was told by Hodgdon that 4227 was temp insensitive. Does it give as good a result (velocity, pressure, etc) as the other 2 powders?  I have a 44 mag
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H4227 is not temp sensitive. However its very bulky and compressed loads are common with this powder. I use lots of 4227 in 45colt,454, and 475. Its gentle with cast bullets!! pressure wise it will give less velocity than H110 with all else being equal. It does not mind reductions at all and behaves very well even at -20%. IT burns cleaner than 2400 however there will be some residue left in the barrel especially with lighter bullets, But most mag powders will as they need resistance to burn properly. firm crimps,high neck tension, moderate to heavy bullet for the caliber. If you dont want full house barn burners then H4227 is a good choice. If not go with only H110/W296 for full snort loadings only. My only complaint with H4227 is the price!! it usually runs $2 more per can than my most common powders, H110,HS6,AA9. GO ahead and try it as I am sure you will Like the results you will get with it. Hope this helps You.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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