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I was shooting my new rifle for the first time today and had one slight hangfire. There was a click bang. It never did it again. My Interarms 30 06 is my first bolt action rifle and it is a Mauser 98 action. The range owner was with me and we think that maybe I didn't close the bolt completely before the shot. Would this cause a slight hangfire? I've noticed the Mauser 98 action on my rifle is beefy but not the smoothest in the world. My local gunsmith told me not to baby this style action. He said this action was used to fight in WWII and is tough. If I smoothly cycle the action, shells don't eject sometimes. If I go ahead and cycle the action with authority the shell sails about 10 feet through the air. I wonder if maybe I didn't completely cycle the action and the bullet was able to fire but with a little hesitation. What do y'all think.
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