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Hamilton bowen

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As I'm sure most forum members are aware, Hamilton Bowen is one of the best custom Handgun and rifle shops around today, if not the best.  Mr. Bowen has been working on a book concerning custom revolvers and it is scheduled for release sometime in April.  Here is a little bit of info about it.


Bowen Classic Arms is pleased to report that Hamilton Bowen's book THE CUSTOM REVOLVER is at the printing house and should be printed, bound and shipped to the firm's office by April 1 (2002 that is). Last minute updates of some of the color photography delayed printing a bit but these adjustments are now compete so, barring unforeseen famine, pestilence or disaster, books should be available shortly.

This book is the most comprehensive and detailed study of custom revolvers ever undertaken. Heavily illustrated with nearly 300 b/w photos and 16 color plates, it covers every facet of custom revolvers, including sights, barrels, cylinders, grips, finishing, accuracy, ammunition, the basic guns and much, much more. Also covered are a museum-quality reproduction of the Keith No. 5 revolver, a .577 Redhawk, Colt Flat-Top Targets, Ross Seyfried's No. 13 .475 and other, exotic revolvers. This is a 'must read' book for revolver enthusiasts.

A dedicated section of the website is nearing completion that will describe the book in more detail and provide ordering information.  Our secured shopping cart should be up and operating shortly for purchases of not only the book but parts and accessories, as well. Watch for a new navigation marker on the website's front page. Customer, catalog holders and those signed up on our mailing list should see postcards or e-mails within the  next few weeks announcing the glad tidings.

For more information or updates, check Bowen's website at

I'm sure this will be of value to all revolver and gun enthusiasts and collectors.
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WOW.... that sounds like a neat book from someone who obviously knows their subject... can't wait.
Sounds Great!! thanks for the Heads up. Time to bring out the Kleenex.
Mr. Bowen's book is now available.  He hasn't got his on-line ordering up and running yet, but is taking orders over the phone.

Sure appreciate the heads-up and have ordered mine this morning. The number for the telephone ordering you referenced is 865-981-8869, and the book price is $39.95 with $9.50 for S&H.
We interrupt this thread for an important news bulletin:

Welcome back DOKtor. You've been away far too long and there is far too much load development to be done for which you selfishly left us in a lerch.

Now get out that WC820 and get a move on!


That is all.

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Sincerely appreciate the gracious welcome back. Traveling with my child bride and two dogs (and no computer) for six months was an "opportunity" and pleasure, but sure caused me to miss a lot.

In referencing the WC820, you have touched on a subject for which I have a guilty conscience. I promised Marshall I'd gather the WC820 post information and reformat for use in the Tech Notes section and I didn't get it done before leaving. So my plans are to do additional test with 2400/H4227 and combine the results with the initial H108/WC820/H110/W296 results. I plan on hitting the range (probably have to chip off the ice) tomorrow to get started again.

Thanks again and look forward to communicating  with you again.


Need to thanks you again for the Bowan book release information. I just received mine this morning and it exceeds all expectations---and I had high expectations. I feel comfortable in suggesting it will become a shooters bible and major reference.

And it's already paid for itself! Got back from the range very disappointed in my results. While I was skimming the new book, a picture caption caught my eye, "Regardless of bench-resting techniques, the butt must never contact the bench". The text goes on to explain that the shots will tend to string vertically due to variations in the gun's recoil cycle from shot to shot. Well guess what I was doing and guess what the results were.

Anyway, outstanding book that covers a lot of ground with great pictures (for people like me)


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I can't wait to see the book.  I ordered mine the first day it was available, but mail to Alaska can be slow sometimes.  I'm not complaining by any means, sometimes the mail is slow delivering our bills too!!!  <!--emo&;)--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=';)'><!--endemo-->

Hopefully it'll be here in a couple of days.

A "nicety" that also caught my eye is the book is autographed by the author. That always makes it a little more special.

As a side note, I just finished watching the Jerry Miculek VCR tape I also got today and it's fascinating. They show him practicing the draw and five shots with the clock set at 1.6 secs in slow motion. His trigger finger is absolutely, positively divorced from his hand. The hand doesn't move, the gun doesn't move and the finger is coming straight back 100 mph. What particuly struck me is his very sincere comment about evolving from 500+ shots per day "shoot for fun" style to a very analytical review of every action, however small. He repeated commented that if it doesn't add to the performance, don't do it. It was also interesting to hear him tell about shooting poorly at  competitions and taking 1 1/2 days and 500/1000 rounds to get it analyzed and worked out. And even at that level, he indicated it frequently was the result of stress from the pressure. That makes shakey old me feel better.

And at the risk of showing my age, I'll admit I'm going to dream about that trigger finger tonight.

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Sounds good to me too! Thanks for telling me about this book.
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