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I'm sure I've seen something on one of these threads about places to buy powder, but for the life of me I can't find where.  Does anyone have any recommendations on mailorder/WWW places to buy powder?  I've looked at Midsouth, but with them you have to buy a case at a time.  I also checked Midway and couldn't find any there.  Thanks in Advance.

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Southern Paw,

I have purchased from as they sometimes have deals where the shipping and HazMat is included in the price. I've also purchased from some of their surplus powder. (WC820)

Look for a gun show locally or a local dealer with good pricing also.

Compare prices and Hazmat fees to what you can obtain locally and go from there. HazMat is now 17 bucks per package on powder and primers. UGH!



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I'll second Contender's suggestions. The added fees to ship propellants and primers usually outweighs any mail-order savings, unless you buy in tremendous quantity or there is a great special. Anymore I really don't bother shopping for best prices, my local gun shop is quite competitive once everything is weighed.
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