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handloading proceedures

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I have been using Miss Moly spray moly on my jacketed rifle bullets. I was woundering if anybody has tried it on cast lead bullets. In the instructions that came with it, it can be used on lead bullets and adhears to them very well. Was woundering how this would affect pressure and velocity.
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44 Joe,

I've tried the moly on cast bullets extensively, and personally have found absolutely no benefit to it's addition on a cast bullet that is properly sized and lubed.  However, for a bullet that has a marginal lubricant on it, the moly does appear to reduce the leading of those bullets.  

I've encountered a phenomenon of build-up of moly in the bore of those guns firing moly-coated pills, and remember the same grumblings when that was tried back in the 50's by Parker Ackley and some of the other pioneers of this game.  

My opinion of moly is still out to the jury, but for cast bullets of proper hardness, high quality lubricant and gas-checks, I haven't seen any benefit from moly.

Just my very opinionated two-cent's worth!~

God Bless,

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Thanks for the advice. It seems unnesseary to try the moly as I will be using BTB for my cast shooting/hunting. Sluged barrel and cylinders before ordering so I get properly sized bullets. Which seems to be one of the most important variables one can control for accuracy and leading. Can't wait for hunting season.
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