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Well Chris, looks like you are trying to sneek up on that old 50. It is gonna take you a while to catch up in age with some of other moderators. Hope you have a happy birthday.

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Thank you fella!
spent the morning relaxing, fired up the smoker and make some Beef Jerkey, and smoked sausage. Just took them both off, boy oh boy does it smell good!

Dinner with the family tonight, sounds like a great day! ;)

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Just think, in another 24 years you will catch up with kdub and DOK.


Just think, You don't even remember going up a hill, and now you are over it. :):)

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I've got the same quality of vocalization to offer up, so I'll just say, Happy Birthday.

May those who love you love you,
And may God turn the hearts of those who don't.
And if He does not turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles,
So you may know them by their limping.

(Old Irish blessing.)
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