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It's been great to have you aboard the Shooter's Forum, and I wish you a great birthday today sir!

God Bless,


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Happy Birthday, Elrod ! Hope you get to do something special on your B-day, like shoot a satchel full of ammo.

By the way, any relation to Elnina' ?

Eat a hunk of cake for me, and have a great day !


"Bad Joke Friday" Dan (moderator emeritus)
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It's kinda tough having a birthday just two days after APRIL 15TH, not much left to celebrate with?

But I suspect what you're thankful for isn't covered by money. Happy birthday and many more.

Dan "had more than a few of them myself"

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Gee THANKS Guys,

Nope, no relation to Elnina', though I've made some waves in my day.
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DID get to the local range today! With my wife (bless her dinged head) and youngest son.
We shot mostly .22's, though my son wanted to experience some MAX load .41 mags I had made up.
He LIKES recoil! I guess I don't mind it, but it was pleasent enough shooting a Ruger 22/45 pistol and Single-six without making my eyes scared.

Then we went to the local gun store and hung out, kicked tires, etc.
Nothing jumped in my pocket begging to start paper work, but all the same I bought a pound of Bullseye.

If it wasn't for the adding age thing, I wouldn't mind more B'days like today. Maybe tomorrow I'll have another.

Thanks again, fellas.
-SteveYetter- AKA "Elrod"
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