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I loaded some hard cast bevel-based wadcutters in a K-38 6" at a chronographed 920 fps. They were very accurate and just tore a bunch of turtles a new tail each! I think the concept is very sound. Duncan McPherson, a scientific collegue of Dr. Martin Fackler, even suggested that a very hard and sharp edged WC at a moderate velocity would probably be the most optimum load you could use in a .38 Spl from the standpoint of adequate penetration and excellent wound ballistics in human targets.

I have some Laser Cast double ended cast WCs that I am going to experiment with in both .38 and .357 cases. Let me know if you have any load suggestions. The old Lyman manual takes their 141 grain #358495 up to some very high velocities in .357. I think that it might be worth a try on some of our small Texas whitetails if they shoot well and at high enough velocities.

Wayne Dobbs
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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