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Hard cast is the key here (and if they would be a bit heavier it would be nice...but molds for anything but 148gr. weights are hard to find). Lyman has the loading data, and it should work fine for close range.
(have decided never to list any specific loading data...too easy to slip a key and type 11.2 in place of 14.1...or list 4272 in place of other words, will let the folks who work for loading manuals take the rip for a misstype).

I use WC's often in a .41mag. One mould is an old HBWC (Yes...they made the molds in .41 when the round first came out) and the other is a solid base. For the HB, I just machined a new base pin that makes it into a solid base. At over 210gr. at 1200fps, and at close range, they kill deer just fine.
A wod about swaged .38 HBWC loaded upside down. IF you really want to get serious about it, then:
Run the bullet HB side down HALF WAY into a .355" sizing die. This will allow you to seat the HB (now .355") end out of the case (it's now small enough to fit into the cylinder throats) to gain volume. Can drive it fast (it will leave the same volume under the 1/2 that is seated as the 158gr. SWC bullets), but it will lead....but just how many people do you expect to have to shoot in a given afternoon?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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