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Has anyone tried AA#5 with .44 BTB 290LFN @ medium speeds?

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Before that long (but worthwhile) wait for some 290LFN Beartooth Bullets, can anybody give me a head start?

I have a short barrel 44 mag SBH in which I would like to try about 10 grains of AA#5 under the BTB 290 LFN-GC bullets. The Accurate Arms manual says AA#5 yields about 1000 fps with 280 and 300 grain bullets.

Does anyone have experience with that powder/BTB bullet combo? Accuracy comments?

ps - what really got my attention about AA#5 is a posting by 'powderstuffer' in Powderstuffer reported getting 1/2 inch accuracy at 25 yards with only 7 fps extreme spread using 12.5 grains of AA#5 under a Beartooth 240 grain 44 mag bullet!!!!!! Ain't that something?

Greenhorn Dave
Melbourne, FL (the Space Coast - where we shoot really large objects really long distances)
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You'll find that AA #5 is outstanding powder in the .44 Mag for less than full-tilt loads. The 10.0 grain load you mention will genereate about 1000 fps. The load will be very clean burning, and uniform in velocity. However, I've shot that bullet quite a bit with the AA #5, and have found that 12.0g will generate about 1160 fps from my revolvers (more or less depending upon barrel length) with absolutely clean burning, excellent grouping qualities, and very consistent chrono data. Also, there is virtually no muzzle flash at low light conditions... a plus when comparing to hot H110/296 loads.

Also, AA #5 is a very forgiving powder, producing some amazingly uniform ballistics with a wide spectrum of powder charges/power levels.

Give it a try and let us know what you find.

God Bless,

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