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Has anyone tried AA#5 with .44 BTB 290LFN @ medium speeds?

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Before that long (but worthwhile) wait for some 290LFN Beartooth Bullets, can anybody give me a head start?

I have a short barrel 44 mag SBH in which I would like to try about 10 grains of AA#5 under the BTB 290 LFN-GC bullets. The Accurate Arms manual says AA#5 yields about 1000 fps with 280 and 300 grain bullets.

Does anyone have experience with that powder/BTB bullet combo? Accuracy comments?

ps - what really got my attention about AA#5 is a posting by 'powderstuffer' in Powderstuffer reported getting 1/2 inch accuracy at 25 yards with only 7 fps extreme spread using 12.5 grains of AA#5 under a Beartooth 240 grain 44 mag bullet!!!!!! Ain't that something?

Greenhorn Dave
Melbourne, FL (the Space Coast - where we shoot really large objects really long distances)
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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