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I'm curious if anyone here has worked a 45 Ruger Basic down to the .480" or so neck diameter, in order for it to fly with .458" bullets. I don't know if there would be enough shoulder with such a .480 neck, to headspace. It would look a lot like an overgrown 400 Whelan. I noted a recent article on using Trail Boss for large capacity CF cartridges, that, if feasible, could get interesting with Paper patched slugs. Thus the rifle may not have to be terribly heavy, if recoil is really only 1/4th of a comparable 458 Win.Mag..
Maybe something like BPCR's 1 in 18" twist, or even the old 45-70's 1 in 23" twists. Then a reasonable mid level load might work with a 400gr. jacketed bullet made for the modern 45 lever guns. Carpooler
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