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Hi, new to mausers...i inherited a musketeer 7mm rem mag...on the barrel it only says this, and FIC, TO244, made in belgium....

problem...i live in alaska, the bolt froze, i saw a nice fox, forced it, it cracked and the gunsmith condemned the bolt, said i need a new goes for $450 plus...but can't find it in stock...and I have a $300 hogue stock that is fully bedded, model 98002...dont' want to waste this stock..

so, i gotta find a replacement gun to fit into the stock, i really don't want the 7 mag back, it's a useless gun here, too big for varmint, too small for bear

I need: (1) a varmint barrel/bolt/trigger assembly to drop into the stock, this stock is fit for a mauser 98 only? (I've been told that this gun is a mauser 98 model, right?????????? I want a 22-250 up to a .243...
(2) I could also use a .375 to drop in this stock/scope setup....
(3) if neither is found, then I could sell this syn hogue stock...

I've contacted but they don't have any actions, just barrels....

any help?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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