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Sent the outfitter an e-mail today for current pricing for Feb 11-13 and leaving before noon on the 14th <DEL>or Feb 18-20 and leaving before noon on the 21st.</DEL> 3 nights of hunting and mornings if you wish. This will be just SW of San Antonio, Texas at Pleasanton.

EDIT Feb Dates set firm!! 11-13 and leaving by noon the 14th.

BTW, while everyone up north is snowed in during February I hunted evenings and at night in t-shirts and shorts in SW Texas last year and every year I have been there in February and March. I can sometimes get a bit chilly late evening so I take along some pants and a long sleeved shirt in my backpack for those times.

"Three days, 3 nights, take 3 hogs each, and I furnish lodging is $375 each. Add 8 meals, for a minimum of 8 hunters, for an additional $120 each, or $495 total with meals."

Anyone who wishes to go needs to get on the stick before the group makes. If you are planning on going with us PLEASE e-mail me (NOT PM) and I will put you on an e-mail listserve so you can all have access to the same information. Also, here is a write-up on the outfitter's operation:,38147.0.html


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