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Hawk & barnes  bullets ?

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Has anyone tried either of these bullets in the .444
or .375 win. ? I'm interested in them for deer .Are they worth the extra $$$ ? Thanks!
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My thoughts on the Hawk bullets. A very crude archaic method of bullet production. Get Corbin dies and do it yourself. Premium in price only. The ANNEALED COPPER jackets foul bores heavily and you have to be careful with powder choices. The combination of soft jacket and soft lead core has built up pressures and damaged firearms. This has been heavily discussed on the shooters talk forums. I don't feel that the velocities from leverguns require premium bullets. They certainly don't make up for marginal bullet placement AND I firmly beleive that the bullet used for hunting should be the bullet practiced with as well. If it can't be used and practiced with in field positions, how can you be sure of placement. Be one with the gun. As to Premium bullets , they make for fine talk at the range and internet chat rooms. Beartooth Bullets are the only premium bullets I'd consider.
With rifles of that power and the quarry being deer, I wouldn't worry too much about any of the bullets for those calibers.  Granted I've never shot a deer with a 444 and have only shot 2 whitetails (one was a fairly good 7 pt for TN that dressed 145+) with the 375 Winny.  I don't think you would have any problems with any bullet you choose.  I definitely wouldn't go to the extra expense of the Hawk or the Barnes with these rifles on deer unless you just want to.  If you were heading after Elk or big Moose or big bear, I'd definitely try to grab up some of Marshall's and try to work up loads.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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