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Date: 3/17/03 10:45:21 AM Central Standard Time
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1. Senate Bill 1195 - the Daley Gun Grab and Confiscation plan may come up for a vote by the full Senate this week.

2. If this bill passes, it will result in the forced confiscation and destruction of most of the guns you own including rifles, pistols, shotguns, and muzzleloaders.

3. The Illinois State Rifle Association is holding a Freedom Rally and Lobby Day on Thursday, March 20, 2003 to fight SB 1195.

4. The location of the Freedom Rally and Lobby Day will be at the Illinois Capitol Building, Springfield, IL.

5. Everyone is asked to meet at 9:00 AM in the Stratton Building Cafeteria which is right across the street from the Capitol. Signs won't be allowed in the building so don't bring any. Folks are asked to dress sharp and be prepared to politely make your position clear - NO GUN BANS!

6. If you care about the future of your gun rights, you should attend the Freedom Rally.

7. For further information, visit the ISRA Web Site at

8. Or you may call (815) 635-3198

9. Please pass this information along to all your friends and associates.

10. Please post this announcement to any and all Internet Bulletin Boards to which you belong.


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Further Info

Illinois Sportsmen and Gun Owners Against
Brick Wall in State Legislature
The Illinois House and Senate could take action on these bills at any time! It is urgent that you call and write your State Representative and State Senator immediately and urge them to oppose these bills. Also, continue to call your elected officials and remind them that you will not accept a gun ban.

On Thursday, March 13, SB 1195 (Semi-Auto Manufacture, Transfer and Possession Ban) passed the Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 6-4. SB 1195 now comes before the Illinois Senate for debate.

Following this action, the anti-gun House Speaker Michael Madigan reconvened the House Judiciary Committee, substituting two anti-gun legislators for pro-gun legislators who had voted to kill HB 2532 (Daley’s Gun Dealer Licensing and Gun Registration Bill). As a result, HB 2532 is now headed to the full House for a vote. Additionally, HB 2356 (Daley’s Gun Show Ban) also passed committee this week.

Here is how this legislation impacts sportsmen, gun owners and the industry in and outside of Illinois:

SB 1195-Complete Semi-Auto Ban


“(720 ILCS 5/24-1.7 new)
Sec. 24-1.7. (a) The General Assembly finds …that the use of these weapons, devices, or attachments for sport or recreation is substantially outweighed by the danger these weapons or devices present to human life, and that restrictions should therefore be placed on the manufacture, delivery, and possession of these weapons, devices, and attachments.”

ATTENTION HUNTERS: SB 1195 bans any firearm with a bore diameter of .50 caliber and larger. This includes all 10, 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge semi-automatic, pump, single shot, over/under and side-by-side shotguns.

ATTENTION DEER HUNTERS: SB 1195 includes a ban on all shotguns and modern blackpowder firearms.

SB 1195: Outlaws the manufacture, possession, sale and transfer of AR-15s, M1As, FALs, plus lower and upper receivers, magazines and magazine parts capable of holding more than 10 rounds, including all shotguns 28 gauge and larger and hunting rifles with a bore diameter greater the .50 caliber.

Under SB 1195: Individuals must surrender their firearms to the State or local police within 90 days of enactment, remove it from the state or destroy the firearm.

This means Illinois based companies: Armalite, Les Baer, Rock River Arms, Springfield Armory, DS Arms, and others will be unable to continue to employ their workers and prohibited from manufacturing these firearms for individuals or to fulfill current contracts with the U.S. military. Millions of dollars of state income tax revenue, corporate taxes and sales taxes will be lost forever in Illinois, at the same time that the state is facing a $5 billion dollar budget deficit.

Non-Compliance with any part of SB 1195 will cause you to be charged with a FELONY.

Call your Senator and tell him NO on SB 1195!

HB 2532-Total Registration of Gun Owners

Under HB 2532, state and local police will keep a registry of all your firearm purchases, the location of you and your firearm, how you paid for it and when you bought your firearm.

HB 2532 will allow state and local police to set-up regional offices in other jurisdictions to track firearm owners. They will enforce this law by engaging in unlimited, warrantless searches of your gun shop and the copying of the dealers records at any time and place without court supervision.

HB 2532 creates an internet database registration system of your firearm purchases and sales that may be checked by law enforcement at any time--without cause.

If you have purchased a firearm in the last two years, your gun shop is obligated to forward that information to the new central gun registry.

Tell Your State Representative NO on HB 2532!

HB 2536-Gun Show Ban, Hunting Club, Trap and Skeet, Etc.

HB 2536 Definition of a Gun Show:

Under HB 2536, a "Gun show" is any “event or function sponsored by a national, state, or local organization devoted to the collection, competitive use, or other sporting use of firearms, or an event or an organization or association that sponsors functions or events devoted to the collection, competitive use, or other sporting use of firearms in the community.”

HB 2536 Will:

Stop you from selling any firearm to anyone while at any organized shooting event, gun club, range, trap or skeet tournament, etc., including your family and friends, without going through a dealer--who can charge any fee he wants for the service.

All of this despite the fact any purchaser in the state of Illinois is already required to undergo a background check prior to receiving an FOID card.

Tell Your State Representative NO on HB 2536!


Where is Governor Blagojevich in this debate? His campaign statements to protect sportsmen like you in 2002 directly contradict his support for these anti-gun bills, which is why his staff is backpedaling in statements to the press. When asked why a representative for the Governor did not attend the hearings, Blagojevich staffer Tom Schafer said, “I don't want you to read too much into [the fact] that we weren't there." (March 13, 2003 Chicago Sun Times)

Blagojevich’s anti-gun stance in the State House, Congress, and the Governor’s mansion continues to threaten hundreds of jobs at factories supplying the U.S. military with firearms to defend American interests. He is also threatening a law-abiding hunting and sporting industry that contributes $642 million in salaries and wages plus $89 million in State Tax Revenue.

The time to act is now! Your ability to own and use a firearm in Illinois has never been in greater peril. It is critical that you contact your State Representative and State Senators and tell them to oppose SB 1195, HB 2532, and HB 2536, and urge them to oppose Mayor Daley's anti-gun agenda. You can find contact information for your Representative and Senators by using the "Write Your Legislators" tool at right.

Posted: 3/17/2003 5:42:16 PM

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Man! Is this the pits or what? I suppose other states are waiting to see what happens, so they can figure out what move they want to make.

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Illinois - Downstate Democrats Betrayed By Senate Leadership
Senate President Emil Jones has betrayed the downstate democrats. By walking lockstep with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, he has left the downstate democrats who elected him to his leadership position open to criticism from gun owners. If the anti-gun agenda promoted by Senator Jones succeeds (click here for information about SB 1195), gun owners in southern Illinois will have to think twice before voting for a candidate who will keep Jones in his leadership position.

Find your Senator on the list below, call him today and tell him to tell Senator Jones to back off of his anti-gun agenda! If you are not sure who your senator is use the "Write Your Legislators" box to the right.
P.S.--A number of Senators have reportedly received inappropriate phone calls. When you contact your Senator be sure to be passionate but polite. Do not insult the Senator or any members of the staff. Name calling does not gain us anything, and can be very hurtful to our cause in the long run.

Dist Name Cap Phone
1 Senator Antonio Munoz (217) 782-9415
2 Senator Miguel del Valle (217) 782-5652
3 Senator Mattie Hunter (217) 782-5966
4 Senator Kimberly Lightford (217) 782-8505
5 Senator Rickey Hendon (217) 782-6252
6 Senator John Cullerton (217) 782-7260
7 Senator Carol Ronen (217) 782-8492
8 Senator Ira Silverstein (217) 782-5500
9 Senator Jeffrey Schoenberg (217) 782-2119
10 Senator James DeLeo (217) 782-1035
11 Senator Louis Viverito (217) 782-0054
12 Senator Martin Sandoval (217) 782-5304
13 Senator Barack Obama (217) 782-5338
14 Senator Emil Jones (217) 782-2728
15 Senator James Meeks (217) 782-8066
16 Senator Jacqueline Collins (217) 782-1607
17 Senator Donne Trotter (217) 782-3201
18 Senator Edward Maloney (217) 782-5145
19 Senator Maggie Crotty (217) 782-9595
20 Senator Iris Martinez (217) 782-8191
21 Senator Dan Cronin (217) 782-8107
22 Senator Steven Rauschenberger (217) 782-7746
23 Senator Pate Philip (217) 782-3840
24 Senator Kirk Dillard (217) 782-8148
25 Senator Chris Lauzen (217) 782-0052
26 Senator William Peterson (217) 782-8010
27 Senator Wendell Jones (217) 782-4471
28 Senator Kathleen Wojcik (217) 782-8192
29 Senator Susan Garrett (217) 782-3650
30 Senator Terry Link (217) 782-8181
31 Senator Adeline Geo-Karis (217) 782-7353
32 Senator Pamela Althoff (217) 782-8000
33 Senator Dave Sullivan (217) 782-3875
34 Senator Dave Syverson (217) 782-5413
35 Senator Bradley Burzynski (217) 782-1977
36 Senator Denny Jacobs (217) 782-5957
37 Senator Dale Risinger (217) 782-1942
38 Senator Patrick Welch (217) 782-8287
39 Senator Don Harmon (217) 782-8176
40 Senator Debbie DeFrancesco Halvorson (217) 782-7419
41 Senator Christine Radogno (217) 782-9407
42 Senator Edward Petka (217) 782-0422
43 Senator Lawrence Walsh (217) 782-8800
44 Senator Bill Brady (217) 782-6216
45 Senator Todd Sieben (217) 782-0180
46 Senator George Shadid (217) 782-8250
47 Senator John Sullivan (217) 782-2479
48 Senator Peter Roskam (217) 782-8022
49 Senator Vince Demuzio (217) 782-8206
50 Senator Larry Bomke (217) 782-0228
51 Senator Frank Watson (217) 782-5755
52 Senator Richard Winkel (217) 782-2507
53 Senator Dan Rutherford (217) 782-6597
54 Senator John Jones (217) 782-0471
55 Senator Dale Righter (217) 782-6674
56 Senator William Haine (217) 782-5247
57 Senator James Clayborne (217) 782-5399
58 Senator David Luechtefeld (217) 782-8137
59 Senator Larry Woolard (217) 782-5509

Posted: 3/20/2003 2:51:36 PM

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Bill to ban some guns draws fire from many downstate

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - A proposal to ban semiautomatic assault weapons in Illinois has ignited fervent opposition among downstate residents, who fear the effort to stop urban "gang-bangers" will ensnare rural hunters.

"They're going crazy," said Rep. Michael Bost, R-Murphysboro. He's one of many downstate legislators in both parties who say they'll oppose the ban, after being inundated with constituent outcry against it.

The pending legislation - sponsored by Chicago Democrats in the Legislature and heavily lobbied by Democratic Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley - has spotlighted the historic regional chasm in the state's Democratic Party. Some of the strongest opposition is coming not from Republicans but from downstate Democrats.

"I wouldn't vote for this bill in a million years," said Rep. Thomas Holbrook, D-Belleville. He said he has received 100 calls already, all opposed. "You have got to remember, we are Southern Illinois. It's part of our culture. Our area is very conservative, and they are very concerned about intrusions to their Second Amendment rights."

The main bill, sponsored by Sen. Antonio Munoz, D-Chicago, would ban the "manufacture, possession and delivery of semiautomatic assault weapons, large capacity ammunition feeding devices, and assault weapon attachments."

The long list of weapons cited in the legislation includes Israeli-made Uzis and Galil rifles; the Baretta AR-70; the Colt AR15, described by some as a "civilian version" of the M-16 assault rifle; and "Street Sweeper" shotguns, which contain their ammunition in a revolving cylinder.

Eric Palmer, a Senate Democratic staff member working on the bill with Munoz, said the descriptions of the weapons involved should put to rest any concern about law-abiding hunters being cited under the proposed law.

"These are weapons that were originally meant for close combat. . . . You pull the trigger, and the weapon fires repeatedly, automatically," said Palmer. "There's not going to be too much left of a deer unless you enjoy hamburger."

But some of the more open-ended language in the bill - particularly a passage that would ban "any firearm having a caliber of .50 or greater" - would encompass some kinds of target rifles. Some say other language in the bill could be interpreted to include some kinds of commonly used shotguns.

Munoz has agreed to work with opponents to soften the language of the bill, which could include changing the .50-caliber limit and including more sweeping exceptions for hunters, collectors and others. "The intent of this legislation was never to curtail the lawful rights of hunters," Munoz said in a written statement.

Some tentative opponents say those changes might placate them. "I'll have to see the amendment," said Sen. William Haine, D-Alton.

Sen. James Clayborn, D-Belleville, said he might yet support the ban "as long as the hunters are not criminalized."

Others say they will oppose the very concept of the weapons ban, regardless of the details.

"People in my district don't think the use of weapons that are currently legal should be made illegal," said state Rep. Dan Reitz, D-Steeleville. "It's going after law-abiding citizens when we need to go after those who break the law."

Rep. Ron Stephens, R-Troy, said he received six calls by 9 a.m. Tuesday morning. "We don't want more gun legislation. We don't need to turn to Mayor Daley (and Chicago), where everything is banned all the time."

Rep. Wyvetter Younge, D-East St. Louis, said she hasn't made up her mind yet. "I am still weighing whether it is an infringement on rights," she said.

The bill, as currently written, would require gun owners in Illinois, within 90 days of the law being enacted, to turn any affected weapon over to law enforcement, destroy it, get it out of the state or "render it permanently inoperable." Failure to do so would be a felony.

Leo Sullivan of O'Fallon, a target shooter, said he would move out of the state if the ban is enacted.

"I've never heard, in America, that they would come in and seize my property when I'm a law-abiding citizen," Sullivan said. "Is this the message that we want to send to companies that manufacture these weapons: 'Leave the state and take your business elsewhere?' "

The bill is SB1195. It has passed one Senate committee and could get a Senate vote as early as today.

Reporter Kevin McDermott:
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 217-782-4912

Reporter Alexa Aguilar:
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 618-659-3627

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Very clever tack taken by the antis. Offer an all encompassing bill to get everybody screaming. Then simply offer to "compromise" and "soften" the legislation's language.

It's a win-win for the anti-gunners either way because if the proposed legislation passes in any form, they have at least won some of their agenda and look accomodating to the concerns of other pro-gun legislators.


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That's why you don't comprimise- call for a complete vote down to show the Anti's they can't win even a little!! Then put legistlation in the works to un due all they've done!!! I would hope to see a mass exidus from IL if this inacted-Maybe we could sell IL to Canada??

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Hi, Gunnut:
Only if we can pay for it in 65 cent Canadian loonies :D
More realistically, that's how the Liberals did it with Bill C-57 in 1978. The original bill would have got you 2 years for picking up a fired .22 case if you weren't licensed.

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