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Headspace guage question

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Is there a difference, other than the obvious, between headspace gauges for specific calibers and the family of cartridges based on the same case? Specifically I'm looking at putting a new barrel on a Savage 110. There are headspace guages specifically for the .358 Winchester, which is the intended caliber, and there are guages that cover .243,.260,7-08,308, and the 358. The multi-caliber guages are actully less expensive than the single caliber units, but that could be chocked up to the larger quantity of multi-caliber sets that the company produces. These guages are made by Forster in both the "go" and "no-go" types. Any input on this will be greatly appreciated.
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I saw this on the Midway website. They had specific guages for the .358, as well as a single guage that covered the .308 family of cartridges. My notion is to purchase the guages (1 go, 1 no-go) for the .308 family as opposed to the gauge that is only for .358. Since even I don't know what I'll be playing with next, I figured they might come in handy in the future. I'm just curious to see if there are any downsides to having the guage that is universal to the .308 family as compared with the specific .358 guage.
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