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Headspace guage question

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Is there a difference, other than the obvious, between headspace gauges for specific calibers and the family of cartridges based on the same case? Specifically I'm looking at putting a new barrel on a Savage 110. There are headspace guages specifically for the .358 Winchester, which is the intended caliber, and there are guages that cover .243,.260,7-08,308, and the 358. The multi-caliber guages are actully less expensive than the single caliber units, but that could be chocked up to the larger quantity of multi-caliber sets that the company produces. These guages are made by Forster in both the "go" and "no-go" types. Any input on this will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, kciH;
The regular gauges for the .308 family are all under the HG0243G-N-F family catalog number. There's a special 11 piece Match set listed too, but it's not described in the online catalog. Is this what you're refering to? IIRC, it's made in 1/2 thousandths increments. I'm not a gunsmith, but I have a Forster gauge here that showed that an old Savage 110L had a short chamber, and our reloading dies were good. Considering the ease of headspacing a Savage with the barrel nut, I would think that the HG0243G gauge is all you need.

Brownells site is down, is that where you saw a special .358 gauge?

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