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If your shooting 95/100gr 243 or 130gr 260 and haven't tried Reloader 17 you really need to give it a shot.

Started using it in a 260 with 129gr Hornady's a couple of months ago and the stuff was great. It's shooting 1 1/2" - 2" groups at 400yds.

Took target scope off 243 and installed Nikon hunting scope for next weekend. Loaded up 10, 243, 95gr Ballistic Tips with some R-17 to zero the scope and see how they shot in it. The load I started with shot extremely well, so I loaded up six more saturday and cleaned the rifle so I could see how they did with a cold clean barrel. Went to the range sunday afternoon and shot two three shot, 100yd groups. First group was .290" and the second was .192". This was a load that has not had any work done on it, I just pick a charge that I felt would give me good velocity and dumped it in the casings.

This was also with an out-of-the-box, Tikka T3 Lite that the only thing done to it was lighten the trigger pull to two pounds and install a LimbSaver Recoild pad.

I didn't set up the chrony because there were several people already there and I didn't have much time. I didn't want to wait or interfer with them but I figure these loads will produce between 3,000 and 3,100 fps.

I may have hit the perfect load first try but I'm anxious to get back to the range and start running some ladder test at 500yds.

I've only tried it with these two loads, but it has my interest peaked in it enough now that I'm going to try it in everything else I would normally shoot 4831 and 4350 in.

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I was wondering about R17, having a supply of R12/15/19/22. The R19/22 consistantly produces very good speed and accuracy in my .243 and 7RM, with hunting weight bullets.

Just as I swear I won't pick up another powder :rolleyes:

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Good to hear of your great grouping with this powder/bullet/chamber combination. Can't find a proper slot for RL-17 on my burn rate charts, but am sure Alliant will have it listed on their website. Would surmise it fits in somewhere around IMR4350 range, which is an excellent powder for this combo. All my 6.5 Swedes prefer a case full of H4831SC with the Hornady 129 gr SST. Might have to obtain a can of the RL-17 and give it a try, also.

As with TMan, all I need is to buy another can of powder! :rolleyes:
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