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bellard said:
I see that beartooth has a 405 grain bullet listed for the .45 colt. I would love to try this one out in my redhawk. Has anyone out there had any experience with this heavyweight? and if so what load data did you use?
I haven't used Beartooths 405 gr but years ago I did play around with a 400 gr 45-70 bullet sized down to .452". 17.5 gr of H110 pushed it to 950 fps with a OAL of 1.735" - the absolute max my Blackhawk would allow. For the standard 6 shot Rugers I think the 400 gr bullets are just to heavy for good performance. I don't use heavier than about 350 gr now and far more often 270 or 300 gr.

When I last played around with the 400's Lil'Gun wasn't on the market, I think it would be a good choice to experiment with if you wanted to try these heavyweights in a 6 shot Ruger. I'd start at about 14.0 gr and work up in .5gr increments from there.

In your Redhawk you should be able to get a bit longer OAL and use a little more powder, 1,000+ fps should be possible but I think lighter bullets are going to perform better for any task you want to use the gun for.

Good luck in your experiments.
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