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heavy bullets for 35 rem 336cs

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I've got a marlin 336 cs in 35 remington, and i love it. the only thing i wouldn't trust it to do(yet) is big bear defense, have any of you guys loaded heavier than 200 grain cast bullets in your 35 remington guns, if so did they stabalize, all i need is 50 yards in range but maximum penitration.
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Hi, Bullfrog:
   There's a post on this back on page 10 of this forum. The 250 didn't work for Marshall, but the 215 does work. The 220 grain Speer FN is available too.

Here ya go...............>:cool:
I use the 220g speer in my marlin. My load is 37.5g of H4895 for avg. vel of 2075fps. This is above the book, but safe in my rifle. doug
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