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Welcome to the forum. Rules are to join in and have fun and play nicely with the rest of us kids.

FYI, even though netiquette calls caps shouting, because they are normally used for emphasis, there are better reasons for not using them all the time. One is simply that they are so routinely used in advertising that many persons are reflexively annoyed by them; not the best first step toward getting them to listen to you or to take you seriously.

A better reason was illustrated for me by a commercial artist who laid out a sign for a business I was involved in years ago. She wanted to make it all lower case, which is not the usual thing to do with signs, so we wanted an explanation? She showed us a sentence repeated on two lines, once in all caps and once in all lower case. She covered half of each horizontally with a piece of paper. That made the all-caps sentence impossible to read, while the lower case sentence remained legible. Lower case shapes are more completely unique, so they comprise a less ambiguous communication format. They are therefore faster to read without error and are therefore a more effective means of communication.
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