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We just moved from Colorado to Missouri about 4 yrs ago and I'm just now starting to load for my Marlin 1894 CB, I've had it for about 12 years but only shot 5 times, here we don't need the high power rifles we used for elk, mule deer and antelope, so I thought I'd try my leve. I've missdplaced my load books and would like some ideas as where to start. I would like to load 250 gr Berry coper plated bullet or a 250 fnfb hard cast I have some AA#9, Alliant Unique, Blue Dot. H1000 H 4891,H4064 etc.
I'd like to use the AA#9 if possible.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
8.0-8.2 of Unique will put you at traditional 45 Colt ballistics (860fps). It takes some real research to find loads using lead bullets that run faster than that. Unique pushes back hard if loaded heavy, so I would stop there and go to something slower burning for heavier loads, your AA#9 for example. Accurate lists AA#9 with 45 Colt only for "Ruger only", which may suit the rifle at the lower load range. 16.2 grains is listed for a 250 Rainier, which I believe is plated (1007 fps).

Personally I run Trailboss and load for firing either in revolver or rifle. Be careful about hot loads if you have a 45 Colt pistol around.
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