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Hi Shooters: My name is Bill, and on the forum, I will be screen named as Ridgerunner, or RR for short. I live in North Central West Virginia, and am an early retiree. I enjoy hunting, flyfishing, trapping, and shooting/reloading both shotgun and rifle. I spend a lot of my time in the Eastern mountains of WV, and also hunt, trap, and shoot locally.  I am sure I will enjoy sharing ideas and information with everyone. Your fellow shooter, RR

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Hello Bill......Good to have you join the Beartooth Bullets family. Yes, I said family and that is the approach we like to take. Like a family, we don't always agree on some subjects, but we stick together. Our forum has grown and upon occasion we have outsiders come in a agitate.....not for long.
Please jump right in and post. We all have something interesting to say or some project going at all times. You will find fellas here from all over the world. Again....welcome!
Besr Regards, James

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Welcome!  It sound like we all have many of the same interests!  

Sounds like you're a trapper, and it would be nice to get some ideas exchanged on the topic... it seems to be a pursuit going into obsolecence as fur prices have been down, and we're heading into the second generation that hasn't taken afield with a trapline.... a real shame, because it teaches so very much about wildlife, their habits, their habitat needs and a general appreciation for the wilds that wouldn't otherwise be cultivated.

We'll look forward to hearing from you!  

And yes, like James has said, welcome to the family!

God Bless,

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