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from another forum:
Went to Starline Brass today and spoke with Mrs. Barbara Hayden the owner and CEO of Starline. I told her of our dilema and was pleased with her response. She said that if the demand was there, they would do it,BUT they will not tool up for less than 100,000 pieces. So lets say;
@ .10, 1000 cases would be $100. There has got to be at least 100 VZ52 owners that reload. Go to their site
at , and send an e-mail [email protected] . As a group our voice WILL be recieved. The decission makers name is Mr. Robert Hayden Jr., he is the son of the owner of Sierra bullets. The two companies are side by side. Both offer tours of their facilities and how their products are manufactured. I even got to see the tunnel where they do all the barrel burning, working up the loads. Sierra also has an outlet store with most of their products.
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