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Hi Pistoleros,

Ever think about making your own holster. I have. It's not real hard. Here's an outline:

1- Buy a piece of tooling leather long and wide enough to wrap around your gun.
2- Wrap around your gun and superglue the flesh sides leather together. DON"T SUPERGLUE THE GUN.
3- Squeeze the leather together as tightly as you can by hand and draw a line on the leather following the contour of the gun where you think you can stitch a seam to make the gun fit really tight in the holster.
4- Now, remove the gun and stitch the leather together 1/2 inch tighter than the line. Don't worry, you'll make the gun fit.
5- Oil the gun and put in a garbage bag.
6- Heat water just as hot as you can stand to put your hand in, not hotter. Hold the stitched holster in the hot water for about 30 seconds.
7- Now SHOVE the gun (in the garbage bag) into the holster. Work it down in real good, as far as it will go, then work it in some more.
8- Let dry on the register for a couple hours with the gun in it.
9- Pull out the gun, trim the edges, stitch a loop on the back, and go hunting!

You can do more, like add a loop or strap, tool or color the leather, and such. This is just the basic outline. My holster fits my custom Bishawk so perfectly it doesn't look big enough to fit the gun - until I slide it in. I added a removeable snap strap to my holster.

Made my gun too. 4-5/8 Blackhawk with Bisley grip frame and trigger, and stag grips. Shoots homecast 300 grain LBT-style GC slugs from Lee mould into same ragged hole at 25 yards when loaded with 22 gr W296 over CCI-350 sparks. Slugs are water-quenched wheelweight alloy (I gotta believe this slug would work great in a carbine too) lubed with that great brown greasy stuff Lee makes. But then, I like almost everything Lee makes.

Live well.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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