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Hi, Hornet:
Congratulations! Sounds like you've go a winner. I can't remember anyone posting about long and short chambers, but some have a short throat, including my 1964 model. If factory ammo chambers easily, you're OK with any jacketed bullet designed for the .35 Remington. Some cast bullets, including Beartooth's 200 grain FN, are too large ahead of the cannelure to chamber in a short throat. The easiest way to check is to seat a Remington 200 grain Core-Lokt 1 tenth inch long and try to chamber it. You've got a short throat if there's any resistance.

If you're planning on handloading, avoid the Hornady 200 grain round nose. Several of us have found it's too tough to expand at anything past point blank range.

BTW, I've had this peculiar .22 Hornet in my cartridge collection for years. It's got no headstamp and a very small primer. After measuring it up carefully a little while back, I realized it actually was a .22 WCF. The shoulder is set back a bit more than the Hornet's.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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