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I have an Jukar Kentucky rifle I got as a kit about 30 years ago. At the time I did not have access to the tools to build the rifle so I let a friend build it for me (yep stupid youth move) and he did a poor job.

The rifle has never been shot and is missing the trigger guard and a side plate.

I am getting back into black powder shooting and I want to rework the rifle (I now have the tools and woodworking knowledge). I would like to take it apart, fit the parts together a little better, refinish the stock and replace the missing parts.

I think I can use parts from a older CVA, is this correct?

Also what is the best way to remove the pins holding the barrel in? Can I just drive them out with a small nail or punch? will this cause me any issues later?

Any pointers that will help me in any way would be greatly appreciated!



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Check with Dixie Gun Works. The parts to many of these kits are rather generic and with a bit of wood removal or file work you can make a variety of parts work fine. You might even find a guard or side plate you like better than the originals

Yes, a small punch, or a nail with the end filed flat, can be sued to drive out the barrel pins. Go easy to avoid potential damage to the stock around the holes.
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