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I've got one of these and it came with two allen wrenches and pitiful instructions. The larger allen wrench is for obviously for adjusting the elevation and windage, but the smaller allen wrench fits what the instructions refer to as a "locking screw for elevation/windage adjustments" but there is no reference to how this functions. I had zeroed the sights and then tried to "lock" the settings by tightening that smaller screw and noticed that it actually moved the bullet impact by several inches to the left. So, it obviously doesn't "lock" in the adjustments like it mentions.

I wrote BSA (Gammo) and asked them for help, and all they did was send me a .pdf of the instructions sheet for a different scope of theirs that actually didn't have this "locking screw" shown or mentioned.

God help America. We've become a service-oriented economy that doesn't manufacture anything, but merely imports from Asia, and then our "companies" customer service departments don't know jack squat about the products that they're importing. :mad:
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