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Went into my loading shed and the rats had made a mess of things. will be the next couple of days cleaning it up. Have tried the following: Cat, rat attacked him had to free the cat, tried mixing sweet powdered sugar with plaster of paris, and putting water close by, this dint work (u.s. govt tried the same thing it dint work for them). tried rat traps, they ate the wood, tried a metal house trap, they woundent go in it. Tried rat posion (decon) they ate the box also, tried anti-freeze, they woundent even go near it. These rats are comming in from out in the woods and have found a couple that the dogs have gotten that are 12inches long from tip of the tail to the nose. The have teeth like a possum. Have considered the 12 ga with fine shot but would like to keep my loading shed and stuff intac. Theres no food or garbarge for them to get into. Any body got a cure short of using Nitro?

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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