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If you have electricity in your loading shed, get a pest control sonic device and they won't be able to stand it. I use this for deer, racoons, woodchucks, rates, mice and dogs.

I once got a pair of beavers to move on using a battery powered RADIO!

The trick with most sonic devices is that the pitch is very high, and air soaks up the volume really fast at high frequencies, so you need several for a large area. Your shed sounds like a perfect application for just one.

Your rat problem does remind me of my checkered past, living with a Belly Dancer who performed with an 11 foot pet python on stage. This snake, "Pasha", lived with us in an apartment in our walk in closet on a vertical piece of driftwood. Care and feeding of Pasha was a duty which fell to ME, as she ate large rats, ginea pigs, rabbits and was a threat to small dogs.

These animals had to be fed to her LIVE, or very warm immediately after being dispatched. I started doing the live thing, but most of them complained so loudly that we were threatened with eviction.

This of course, was MY fault, so I had to do the dispatching thing. Sounds simple enough but banging them on the head was an unpeasant, bloody mess, and I had to find another method to preserve my sanity.

Of couse, anything toxic was out, so I tried a few different methods that were equally unpleasant until I hit on an invention - I biult a bread box sized wooden box with a lid and used two sheets of aluminum foil two inches apart to line the bottom. I split an extension cord and wired ons half positive, and one half negative.

I demonstrated my first attempt for my belly dancer in our living room at 6:15 PM on November 22nd, 1977. A large white rat went in, and the lid was closed. I plugged the cord in and there was a great deal of scuffling inside the box, but no audible complaints.

When things quieted down, I opend the box, and out jumped a flaming rat...I mean a 100% conflagration that one would have to see to believe.

This unhappy creature ran directly under the couch, and set IT on fire.

In the movies this belly dancer would have reverted to her feminine sensitivities and screamed or jumped up on the chair or something, but she was one tough customer.

This not being the movies, she grabbed me by the hair and directed me to reach under the couch and retrieve the rat. I figured the burns would be bad enough, but this critter was plenty irritated by this time and elected to let him burn out, and deal with the couch in a few minutes.

The rat did expire, and the couch was extinguished, but alas, this damaged our relationship severely and I moved on to a different life.

All I needed was one more chance...just wet the rate before putting him in the box...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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