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I have heard that a product called "Golden Malorin", a fly bait, when mixed with Dr. Pepper will kill anything. I have also heard of mixing it with peanut butter. Very dangerous. Toxic to everything.
A female former employee was eavesdropping on one of my conversations about shot gunning. She broke in to say she had a shot gun, a 9mm. Everyone laughed. She brought it in the next day. A 9mm smooth bore shotgun. Made for killing rats. Apparently there was quite a fad of rat shooting in the early 1900s. These guns were intended to be shot inside with a minimum of colatteral damage. Cute little gun about 26 inches long. She also had some of the paper shells made for it. I have since seen one listing in one of the ammo magazine of 9 mm shot shells.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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