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The resizing die will have an expander ball with a decapping pin that sits in the middle of the bottom opening of the die. With a full stroke of the ram bringing the casing all the way into the die, the case enters the tapered shoulder area and then the restricting hole of the neck sizer of the die. The case is brought back over the expander ball again (first time, the case neck was expanded by the firing of the cartridge and the ball easily enters the neck) to properly size the neck interior to offer a bit of resistance to the bullet seating. This is called neck tension on the bullet.

If you have set your die up properly according to the manufacturer's instructions and you still have a problem, you have an oversize expander ball. It can happen with the best of the die assembly line. Take a set of calipers or a miking gauge and measure the ball's diameter. Should read slightly less than the diameter of your bullets. If it is larger, notify the die manufacturer of the problem or you can carefully turn the ball diameter down on a drill press using emery paper until you get a diameter smaller than your bullet.

Are you saying you are neck sizing only?

Not sure why you are flaring (belling) the mouth of the case - that's only done with straight walled cases and using the flaring die of the 3-die set.
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