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Ouch.  My sympathies.  You indeed have a problem.  Seating .510 bullets in the .50 AE case will most likely require the chamber to be opened up - and that opens a whole different can of worms.  End result would probably be a lot of split cases.  Not good.  I don't know that anybody sells .50AE barrel liners, but that might be worth investigating.  I think the best solution at this point would be to have the rifle rechambered to .500 Linebaugh or a shorter version thereof.  Not quite what you were originally after (and brass isn't the least bit cheap, I can tell you! ) but it would be the best working solution at this point.
As for moulds of the correct size, Ballisticast offers 4 different LFN and WFN designs, which can be cut for lighter weights if desired.
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