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Hillbilly Hunter,  sorry to hear of your dilemma. The chambers could be opened up to the proper diameter so that the .510 bullets will fit.  Another option would be to reduce the case neck thickness  slightly so that a .510 bullet will chamber.

How about a hollow base .500 diameter bullet? That would probably work,  but would require another mold.

As for machining your mold to the proper diameter, you could take it to a machine shop to see what the cost would be.  Better yet, if you know someone with a lathe ...........

You could bump the bullets from the mold you have easily enough. I bump bullets .007" for my .44 W.C.F. because it has a larger than normal bore. Accuracy is very good with them at 1250 f.p.s.

I made an aluminum rod to fit inside a fired cartridge case. The rod is a few thousands under the inside case diameter and its length extends  from the bottom of the case to  the base of the bullet at its normal seating depth. I put the case / rod / undersized bullet into the bullet seating die.  The seating die punch can then be adjusted to give the right amount of bullet upset.  

This will only work if there is enough room in the seating die / case for expansion to the proper diameter.

Just a thought.

Good Luck,
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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