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i am having problems finding info on my year old 50 cal. knight wolverine. unfortionatly wa has banned 209 primers. so the guy at the gun store sold me a different nipple for percussion caps. im looking for any suggestions for a place to start for trying out loads. 3 differant guys at that store had way differant opinions on what was a good load and the proper primer. i used 100 grains and a 150 grains of jim shockey's gold sticks and it just doesnt shoot right. any suggestions would be great. thanks. chris

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The 209 primers are only banned for use in hunting with BP guns, you can however use them all you want just for target shooting.

I have no experience with the gun you are asking about, I do shoot a BP 58 Cal. rifle, I have shot it with 2 different weights of Minnie bullets and round balls with patch, I just use the CCI percussion caps and black powder or Pyrodex.

Maybe you can give a bit more info about your rifle and what bullet your trying to shoot, also if your needing it to hunt or just target shoot.

Michael Grace

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For E-Z er ignition with caps instead of the hotter 209 primers get rid of the pellets & get a powdermeasure & some loose powder
You don't need no 100-150 gr of powder try testing startin @ 80gr work up in 5 gr increments & see what the gun likes,not being tyed to a fixed charge like the pellets are you may be pleasantly surprized how much better your rifle groups.
Loose powder also a whole lot more economical than pellets.
For hunting season get some speedloaders or just some plain & simple pill bottles that you can premeasure a few charges into to stuff in your pocket,works fine for a sidehammer , should work for an inline

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I have two of the Wolverine series rifles... and LK-II and a LK-93. Both have the short barrels.

With #11 caps for get the sticks. Especially the APP stick or Jim Shockey Gold sticks. They require a large blast of heat. That found in a 209 primer. Instead I would go to a quality loose powder like Triple Seven, Pyrodex RS, or Black Powder. If you want to shoot APP get it in 3f or perhaps some 3f Pinnacle or JSG.

My rifles have a 22 inch barrel. Therefore anything more then 100 grains of powder is wasted. Altough IMO I think even with the longer barrel rifles, anything more then 100 grains is often wasted. Here are some loads I have been shooting.

I have been shooting my Wolverines for the past couple days.

this was yesterday. I also shot some APP 2f. This load was no indication of what the rifle can do. And I am sure that if I experimented with the powder charge I could get even better accuracy with them.

that flier I have no idea why it happened. Other things that shoot well out of the Wolverines are the Shockwaves. I want to try some 200 grain Shockwaves next week out of them to see how they do.

the 375 grain is an all lead bullet that is made for large game. I would think that if I tried perhaps 80 grains of powder it might stop that stringing.

Another good load here. We can not use magnification in our scopes, so my one wolverine has only a 1x scope on it.

this might give you some ideas. So with the #11 caps, go to loose powder and remember, with APP or JSG be sure to compress that powder charge real hard.
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