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When I posted my last response to "TBC" and sent the response, a message appeared on my screen that looked like a "Microsoft message". I have never seen this message before. It might be from Beartooth, but I don't think so! It is an official looking message that you would expect to get from Microsoft. It said the following:
You have a New Mail Message!
Would you like to view it now?
You were able to press "OK"  or   "Cancel"
I chose neither, but pressed the X in the upper right corner of the box. I believe most of you are familiar with that  description. Then bells and whistles went off in my mind (make all the jokes you want). I immediately executed the "Mcafee Virus detection program", went to there site, downloaded everything NEW!
I then run the program after installation. It imediately detected a virus and asked me what I wished to do (several choices). I selected delete. I no longer RECEIVED that message about new mail ! Today I came back to this web site and opened up the annealing question. I immediately received the Misrosoft note again as described!
Two conclusions:   1.Either the Owner/Moderator of the web site is trying to send me a message that is official !
 2. I am under attack (and this web site) from a Hacker, or worse!
Now you might be wondering if I received the message allert signal again when I came to this site this time, Yes!!  
I realize you guys think I might be "overly causcious" or perhaps even nuts! I assure you I might be crazy, but I am not "STUPID"!!
I gave you guys another alert on virus attacks several days ago, I suggest you read it! I now have approximately 7 attacks of the same virus/worm.

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If you get a pop-up message when viewing the Beartooth site, it means that someone (not necessarily the webmaster) is trying to send you a text message.

As far as I know the messenger service is only text, don't think that you can use attachments (which is how viruses typically spread).

Don't know why your anti-virus software is complaining, could be that it just doesn't like the Java pop-ups.

You can go into the messenger service, and see who the mail message is from, WITHOUT opening it.

Or I suppose you could just ask the webmaster to disable your login from receiving messages from others on the forum?

That's all I can think of.

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        A third option which you did not mention is that another forum member sent you a message via the website's messaging system. The box that you describe is exactly what happens when a person sends you a message. Like MikeG said, there are no attachments in this messaging system so it would be virtually impossible for someone to "virus" you. I think you are worrying about nothing. Let us know what your status is, I have enjoyed your posts in the past and would like to see you continue!    ID
PS- If you would like, use the "Messenger" icon in the tool bar at the top and send me a message and I'll reply so you can see what it's supposed to look like.

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I get those from time to time.  So far all my mail has been from Marshal regarding one thing or another.  You are not under attack.  But, just because you are paranoid does not me that they are not out to get you!
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