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Hello Gentlemen:D

I too, must wear glasses to shoot. My eyes have not yet gotten to the point that I need bi's or tri's, but none the less I have a prescription. My first pair were of the yellow color, made by a DR. who also is an avid National Match shooter.
The yellow, as stated before, is excellent for cloudy/snow/overcast days, but are very "glary" and destracting in bright light.
The good Dr. has now made me a set of, what I could best call orange, lenses for my new set. They work very well in bright sun and seem to do the trick in haze also.
He also moves the optical center to accomodate for your head resting on the stock of a rifle.[ actually lets you bring your rifle to the office for the last appointment of the evening, sets up a target at the end of the hall to help get them just right!!!!]
The orange color seems to act as "blue blockers" on very hazy days.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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