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I too suffer from short arm disease and couldn't focus either my front or rear sights. I have no distance correction but use 1.5 diopter reading glasses. I originally went to LensCrafters and had a pair of glasses made in a safety frame that are Progressive lenses ending in a 22mm bifocal of my reading correction of 1.5. I noticed that my sights would come into focus before I got to the bifocal. I then started searching the internet looking for a solution. I came across DeCot Hye-wyd glasses. They recommend cutting your reading correction in half. I ordered a pair of glasses from them with the right eye having an inverted ft35 (a big one) bifocal in the upper inside part of the lens. I got a correction of +1 but found it was too weak for the rear sights. I exchanged them for a 1.25 and now everything is in focus. I just lower my head a bit to look through the bifocal now instead of pointing with my chin.

I've since found other possibilities: There is a company that makes stick on bifocals for golfers, shooters and for sunglasses. see this link:

I've also seen a company that makes safety glasses with a large bifocal on the lower part of the lens. These are only 20 bucks! Link is:

All I can say is it sure made a huge difference when you can focus both sights!! BTW, I also shoot one of my guns through an UltraDot and you don't use a correction there. My DeCot glasses have an adjustable bridge so when I want the bifocal out of the way, I just lower the bridge and raise the glasses up higher on my face.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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