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Hi Point handguns

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Does anyone else here own a Hi Point handgun. If so, what are your opinions. I have had one in 45 ACP for several months now and I really like it. It has been my primary concealed carry pistol since I purchased it. I use to carry a Glock, but have since sold it. Why pay more for less gun.
The savings can be used to purchase more ammo to feed my hungry little HP. I just wish I could find a better selection of high quality holsters to fit. Seems like HPs have been left out by the major holster makers.
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DPSman, dont know about a holster for the hipoint, but learned a lesson about takin one apart. Needed three hands to put it back to gather, something about the little steel ball and spring and trying to get the slide back on. Only took one apart and said woundent do it again. As a shooter several law enforcement people have them as an extra gun and say they shoot fine. At the other Gun Store I used to work at we called it the "CLUB" if you coundent hit them with it you could always "CLUB" them with it.

Gun Runner:D
I have several of them in 9MM and .45ACP. I must like them or I wouldn't keep buying them. I have my own "qualification test" that I put every auto handgun I buy through. If it doesn't pass, the dealer gets it back. Never returned a Hi Point, which is more than I can say for some other manufacturers' offerings. I use Uncle Mike's holsters.
I have sold a lot of these, shot a couple of them, and never got a complaint. People who like fine firearms often look at these and say they are junk. They look a lot like other guns you can get that ARE junk, so I can understand their prejudice. HiPoints use a lot of low-cost materials and low-cost manufacturing methods. They are heavy, top-heavy and the slide is really large, especially on the .45.

I have found that people who own HiPoints and shoot them have few complaints. What you hear from them is that they don't jam or misfire or break. People who pick one up and handle it a little see that the whole thing is made of die castings, and the finish is black paint. They are big, bulky and kind of ugly, and the balance just doesn't feel right. Design and construction are unconventional, and there is very, very little steel in one. Usually, that spells J-U-N-K, but I am not sure about HiPoint.

I would like to see somebody take one and just shoot it until it won't shoot any more. It would be interesting to see what breaks, and how long it takes to break it. A decent 9mm will digest tens of thousands of rounds without a failure. I would like to try 10,000 through a HiPoint and see if it survives or not. I would not be surprised either way.

By they way, how do you conceal one of these? The .45's are HUGE. ;)
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me i dont conceal my highpoint .45 and i ahve never hand a problem with it and i like it huge. iam 6ft9 and 350 lbs and this is the first ,45 auto i found for me. i think the highpoint is cool. i have had only one problem with mine i dont have 2 of them. lol
I have a co-worker that has a hi point 9mm and like Bill said its junk.
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